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Obama faithful describe ‘electrifying’ atmosphere

Special to the Daily/New New WallaceEdwards resident New New Wallace celebrates at the Democratic National Convention at Invesco Field at Mile High.

EDWARDS ” New New Wallace said she felt like she was witnessing a historic moment in Denver on Thursday night.

“I felt that down to the mitochondria in every cell of my body,” she said.

Wallace, an Edwards resident, was just 50 yards away from Sen. Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential candidate made his acceptance speech before 84,000 at Invesco Field at Mile High.

“To feel the energy,” she said. “There wasn’t one person who wasn’t just floating on a cloud. Every single person was smiling, happy and energized. There were tears, laughter and so much joy in the arena.”

Wallace, co-chair of the Eagle County Democrats, said she came away from the speech convinced that Obama would bring a “sea change” to the country’s leadership.

“We were frankly speechless,” she said. “You could hear a pin drop in Invesco Field. It was unbelievable. It was strong in all the right ways. Obama came out and was really the most forceful he’s been in sort of debunking some of the McCain myths out there without attacking his character or his personal life.”

The whole convention was a great success, said Wallace, who also attended at the Pepsi Center on Thursday.

“Holy Toledo,” she said. “What a home run. A slam-dunk home run. Unbelievable energy.”

During Thursday’s speech, the national television broadcast cut to Debbie Marquez, an Edwards resident, in the crowd.

“It wasn’t because I was so photogenic,” Marquez said. “It was because the cameras were right in front of the Colorado delegation.”

Marquez, an owner of Fiesta’s restaurant in Edwards, was a “superdelegate” at the convention who pledged her vote to Obama. It was “electrifying” to be in the stadium, she said.

“The big thing is that we nominated the right person, and we’ve got a winner here,” she said. “It was so wonderful to be the Democratic Party, to have somebody to represent us that is thinking of the issues that are important to the people of this country ” health care, energy independence, education.”

President Clinton’s speech on Wednesday was “fantastic,” and Al Gore’s talk brought tears to her eyes, Marquez said.

“I was so upset thinking about the fact that eight years ago, he won the election in our country, and we allowed it to be stolen,” she said.

Marquez said she’s now ready to campaign for Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden.

“I’ll do whatever the campaign wants me to do and whatever Eagle County wants me to do,” she said.

That will probably include voter registration and rallying the Latino vote on the Western slope, Marquez said.

Annie Goodman of Edwards went to Denver for the day Thursday to hear Obama’s speech.

“I thought he hit on all the key points,” she said. “He addressed a lot of people’s concerns. I think he’ll make an excellent president.”

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