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Obama, McCain tie in Garfield County with 11,223 votes

Bill ScanlonRocky Mountain NewsGlenwood Springs, CO Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado John McCain and Barack Obama are equally loved in Colorado’s only perfectly purple county Garfield County.Amazingly enough, both men received exactly 11,223 votes in Garfield County in western Colorado.”This is almost unbelievable, with the number of votes we had,” Garfield County Clerk & Recorder Jean Alberico said today.Her assistants and volunteers were finishing up their count early this morning in Glenwood Springs, when one of them called her and said, “You’re not going to believe this …”But it happened, and Alberico plans to use the startling coincidence to show county residents that every vote does, indeed, count.Several thousand registered voters didn’t vote at all, said Alberico, and for sure many of them are kicking themselves.Even though the tie doesn’t make a difference in Colorado’s electoral votes, one more vote either way could have won the red team or the blue team bragging rights for the next four years.Of course, it’s not likely to stay a dead tie, Alberico said.Some 300 provisional votes were cast, and most of them likely will be deemed valid, so those few hundred could break the tie.Or not.”What would be even more amazing is if after they complete the provisional count, it’s still tied,” she said.Most of the provisional votes were cast by people who were mailed ballots but then lost them or said they never received them, she said. Others showed up at the wrong precinct, and their votes will be counted once it is determined they didn’t try to vote twice.It likely will take several days to determine which provisional votes to count, and then count them.Mark Udall fared a little better than Obama in Garfield County, capturing 4,600 votes, 300 more than GOP opponent Bob Schaffer.Garfield County has 10,168 unaffiliated voters, 8,743 registered Republicans and 7,161 Democrats on its active voter rolls.”Someone did a great job getting the unaffiliateds out this year,” Alberico said.Garfield County wasn’t the only county with a deep shade of purple.In Chaffee County, McCain got five more votes than Obama 4,832 to 4,827.And in Grand County, McCain got just 127 more votes than Obama, another squeaker.On the other end of the ledger, Cheyenne County gave 82 percent of its vote to McCain. Yuma, Washington and Kiowa counties on the eastern Plains gave it 3-to-1 to McCain.Over on the blue side, San Miguel gave 78 percent of its vote to Obama; Denver, Boulder, Pitkin and Costilla counties went for Obama by about 3-to-1 margins.

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