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Obama misses the biggest insult

Jennifer Biehn, Edwards

For almost a week we’ve heard Barack Obama express his discontent regarding the satirical New Yorker cover.

The New Yorker portrayed Obama as a Muslim; he thought it to be an insult to Muslim Americans. His wife, Michelle, was depicted as a fashion-ista terrorist; an illustration he also found offensive.

However, in all his discontent regarding the New Yorker cover, it’s what he didn’t say I find most disturbing.

I want my president to put America first. Never once has Senator Obama made reference to the burning American flag (in the Oval Office) in the cartoon. Most of the cartoon is laughable; but this part of the image is not only offensive, it’s sad.

America is special. We deserve a leader who puts our country first. It’s more than a missed opportunity for the Obama camp, but a terrific reminder of the sacrifice John McCain made for the love of his country.

God bless America!

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