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Obama unites, McCain divides

Albeit, I’m a confirmed Democrat, but I’m also a political “wonk,” and so I watch the political rallies of both parties. Believe me there is a difference!

The crowds at Barack Obama rallies are enthused about their candidate. They agree with his agenda and they greatly admire his ability to communicate. They shout and cheer with the enthusiasm of the Broncos fans when Denver scores a touchdown. Sheer joy and good will!

On the other hand, Sarah Palin, and to a lesser extent, John McCain, incite their followers with ugly words regarding Mr. Obama. They talk of terrorism and fear and as a result they foment hatred. Some in the audience shout “terrorist” and even “kill him.” It is indeed a far cry from “joy and good will;” and it is completely at odds with the thoughts and wishes of every decent American!

It has been suggested that some folks may finally decide to vote for Mr. McCain because they just don’t wish to have a black man as President. Assuming that is true, I think that both Mr. McCain and Mrs. Palin will have contributed to that ugly bigotry. However, I also happen to believe that there will be many voters who will support the Obama-Biden ticket because they’ve been appalled and “turned off” by the poorly informed, divisive Mrs. Palin.

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