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Obese from our freedom

Don Rogers

This weekend, I guess it would be appropriate to ask what freedom means to you. Be honest, now. None of that highfalutin philosophy about democracy. Admit it. You and I barely think about it. It’s all we know.

We have so much independence we’re choking on it. Freedom to us is a three-day weekend, a booming entertainment industry, liberty from thinking much about government or our own community. We’re so free we’re downright spoiled. We’ve gotten fat on our freedom.

How else to explain the wailing about how it’s so tough to live these days, yet we’ve never been richer. We’ve never lived in bigger homes, had more appliances, cars, computers, cell phones, choices.

If the middle class is shrinking, it’s more because the upper end of it has nudged into true wealth than the bottom end slipping into poverty. Of course, you wouldn’t know that from the whining. We’re free to play the victim, too.

We’re free to stay as far away as we wish from the military. We’re free not to help our kids with their homework. Free to take our vacations in Mexico and complain about the Mexicans cleaning up after us back home. Free not to vote. Free not to participate in our communities. Free not to understand the issues or decisions that affect our lives directly. Free to gripe anyway, about anything.

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Too many of us have taken liberties with our liberty. Ah, the American way. Pass the Bud. What ballgames are on? Other than the Rockies, of course.

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