Obituary: Colton Grover Erickson, Oct. 20, 1994, to Aug. 9, 2018

Colton Grover Erickson
Special to the Daily

Colton G. Erickson, of Boulder, beloved son of Stephen and Charlene (Charlie) Erickson, formerly of Vail and Wolcott, and currently of Phoenix, and brother of Cal Erickson, passed on Thursday, Aug. 9, leaving a legacy of courage, intellectual curiosity, respect for the environment and devotion to his family and friends.

Colton attended Eagle Elementary and Eagle Middle School until December 2006. He graduated from Mountain Ridge High School in Glendale, Arizona, and later attended The University of Colorado in Boulder, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in May 2017. After graduation, Colton remained in Boulder, preparing for law school and spending time with his friends.

Growing up in Wolcott, Colton and his family lived at Horse Mountain, where he enjoyed hiking, snowshoeing, skiing and being a member of The Wolcott Crossroads 4-H Club. Colton also enjoyed exploring the vast Bureau of Land Management lands bordering his family’s property with his younger brother Cal.

Colton was a prolific reader throughout his life and was well-versed in geology, astronomy, political science, history, paleontology, ecology and biology. Colton also studied anthropology, American history and ancient history and possessed an in-depth knowledge and love for the history of Eagle County and Colorado.

Colton enjoyed camping, caring for his animals and pets and hanging out with his friends at Horse Mountain, Eagle and Gypsum, especially his 4-H Club family. After moving with his family to Arizona, he continued to spend time in Colorado while also becoming a student of Native American history and culture, as well as a student of Southwestern history.

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Colton loved hiking solo in a variety of wilderness areas in both Arizona and Colorado, even at a young age. More than anything, Colton loved the backcountry and ranch lands of Eagle County and the wilderness areas outside Boulder. He had a deep love and appreciation for all of his friends throughout Colorado.

Having been diagnosed with brain cancer midway through his senior year of high school, Colton never let his disease define him or hold him back from his dreams and ambitions. He bravely stared the disease down for 5 1/2 years. He did not seek accommodation for his illness as he excelled academically, never once expressed self-pity, never complained about his fate and never let it interfere with living his life on his terms until the very end.

Never once did Colton shed a tear over his disease in front of family or friends and only discussed his disease with close friends and family when asked about it. Everyone who knew Colton drew inspiration from his bravery, positive attitude, intellect, gentle spirit, incredible mental strength, love of life, perpetual drive for acquiring knowledge and for his truly beautiful mind. Colton left an indelible mark on so many who knew him and will remain an inspiration to all.

Colton is survived by his parents, Stephen and Charlene Erickson, and his brother Cal, all currently residing in Phoenix; his grandfather, Donald Ray Erickson Sr., of Sun City, Arizona; his paternal grandmother, Joan Erickson, of Morris, Illinois; and his maternal grandmother, Dorothy Grover, of Renton, Washington. Colton is also survived by numerous loving aunts, uncles, cousins and friends, primarily in Colorado, Arizona, Illinois and Washington. Colton was celebrated by local family and friends in Arizona and will be further celebrated in Colorado.

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