Obituary: Fritz Ewert |

Obituary: Fritz Ewert

Fritz Ewert

November 24, 1947 – December 6, 2020

My friend Fritz died the other day. December 6. Went out for a smoke, never did make it to dinner. Fritz was one of us, of course. Part of our local family. Fritz started his run in Kansas, did some college, served in the Army, and landed himself in Vail in the mid seventies. A little trail crew and it was off to be an Original Beaver Creek Ski Patroller for the next 25 years! He had a few rough years in there, but who doesn’t. Then with a little help from some friends, he got set up down south at a Veterans home and finished his run just fine. We used to go hiking in the desert together with my dog. One day while sitting at Split Level Ruin I said, ” if’n I die first, bring my ashes here”. He looked back and said, ” oh yeah, well If’n I die first take me to my spot on top of John’s Canyon”. The dog looked at both of us and said,”what you boys talkin’ about, dying?”. Well, the dog died first, a long time ago. Fritz’s time now. I guess it’s off to John’s Canyon come spring. I know the spot well. Everyone catches that last train, and doesn’t come back. So you have fun wherever it takes you. Thanks for being my friend. Adios, see ya, bye.

P.S….Times being what they are, we’ll be planning out usual long time local’s Most Excellent Memorial Party for Fritz come summertime Stay tuned…

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