Obituary: Inge Nicholl |

Obituary: Inge Nicholl

Inge Nicholl
Inge Nicholl
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June 11, 1929 – September 30, 2021

Inge Nicholl
Our Friend for Life
Inge (Kuehne) Nicholl was an only child born in Leipzig, Germany on June 11, 1929 to parents who brought her up to love the outdoors, gardening, and animals!
In her late teen years, Inge was an outstanding tennis player and was on the East German tennis team. The government at the time continually put pressure on her to join the party, but she always refused. Then, after being told they may drop her from the team and ship her off to places unheard of if she did not join, a relative told her that she needed to escape and go to West Germany. Carrying what she could in a backpack, they went through forests at night avoiding guard towers to reach their goal. She realized she had made it when she saw food displayed in the windows of stores.
Not long into the 1950’s, she was sponsored to come to Denver, where she fell in love with the mountains and the crisp air.
She learned the language, became a US citizen and eventually started a career as a travel agent. Then, she started booking tickets for the man she knew was her soulmate – Bud Nicholl. It wasn’t until she threw a snowball at him that he took notice of her.
They married in 1974, and shared their love of tennis and everything outdoors, from skiing and snow-shoeing in the winter, to all kinds of summer adventures. Bud taught Inge golf, and she taught him to forage for mushrooms. They traveled and lived life to the fullest.
In 1993, Inge and Bud moved to Homestead. It was perfect as their deck overlooked the tennis courts and they could take long hikes or take a short drive to look for mushrooms. They loved all dogs, whether it was one of their own or someone else’s.
When Bud passed away in March, 2007, Inge was devastated, but she knew Bud was at peace. She missed him every day, and toasted him every evening. She never forgot her love for him, animals and the outdoors.
Inge passed away on September 30, 2021, at the age of 92. We all miss Inge – the best friend, neighbor, step-mom and dog-buddy ever!
In lieu of flowers, it is recommended that donations be made to the Eagle Valley Humane Society in Inge’s name. Their address is 50 Chambers Ave., Eagle, CO 81631. Thank you so very much.

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