Obituary: Jane Furtner |

Obituary: Jane Furtner

Jane Furtner

March 7, 1936 – June 2, 2021

Jane Furtner, 85, a long time Lionshead resident, passed away peacefully in her sleep last week. She was an awesome grandma, mother, and friend, and a human dynamo to the end! (She skied with family on her 84th birthday last year, after breaking a bone skiing earlier in the season!).

She had a diverse and interesting life, having several careers. She grew up in rural Illinois, riding horses and “picking weeds for a nickel an hour”. She graduated from the university of Illinois, where she met her husband of over 60 years, Ed. It was also in college where she learned to ski- the sport became a lifelong passion.

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Her first career was raising their four sons: Steve, Rick, Bill, and Jack. After her children were grown, she went back to school to earn her MSW from Washington University in St. Louis. After several years as a practicing social worker, she and Ed moved to Georgia where Jane founded the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Certification Board of Georgia (ADACBGA) in 1992. She served as president of ADACBGA into her 80s, and was still an honorary board member at the time of her death.

After retiring full-time to Vail a few years ago, she took on a new career as a Vail mountain hostess, and was active in the local chapter of AA.

Besides her sons, she is survived by her six daughter-in-laws (Ellen, Linda, Gail, Ce-Ce, Lisa, and Melissa), eight grandchildren (Kyle, Ben, Abby, Mitch, Christine, Jenny, Maggie, and Annie), her special friends Dawn and Moe, and all of her former patients and colleagues on the ADACBGA board. She will be greatly missed!

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