Obituary: Jordyn Driver |

Obituary: Jordyn Driver

Jordyn Driver
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The scheduled memorial on July 11, 2020 for Jordyn Versiellen Driver, who passed on January 4, 2020, is postponed until , God willing, next summer due to the pandemic.

Jordyn was so confident in her improved health that she had already planned her birthday party for March 9. The family chose to fulfill her wishes. It was held at the United Methodist Church of Eagle Valley.

An overwhelmingly attended event, it proved to truly honor her and gave everyone a great sense of healing. It was a joyous celebration held in the the manner of Hindu Holi Holiday, celebrating the coming of spring and a new beginning. The dates corresponded with Jordyn’s birthday date. The decor and attendees dress were festive with bright colors. Her favorite music, Michael Jackson and Santana was played in this event, ” Remembering the Joy of Jordyn.”

She was also celebrated in a mass in Florida which was arranged by a friend of the Florida family on March 15 at The Church of Our Savior Catholic Church. Many friends joined in that celebration.

Ironically each service proved to be the last of each church’s public events due to the Coronavirus 19.

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Jordan Versiellen Driver’s family wishes to express their appreciation to all the loving people who have responded to our time of sorrow. We all so miss her resounding laughter.

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