Obituary: Lynn Gottlieb |

Obituary: Lynn Gottlieb

Lynn Gottlieb
Lynn Gottlieb
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– May 11, 2023

Lynn Gottlieb was always planning her next trip with her family. And playing cards with her husband, John Gottlieb. And creating scavenger hunts for her grandchildren, Quinn, Emmett, and June. And celebrating her children – Murph, Z, and Jed – and their spouses – Jen, Casey, and Jen – through a million acts of kindness and love.

And walking the dog, planting flowers, painting, reading a great book, exploring Europe, volunteering her time, and throwing the world’s best dinner parties.

Lynn was always doing everything, all the time, with an unprecedented amount of energy and enthusiasm, optimism and love.

Born in Wareham, MA, to Edward C. Murphy and Beatrice Wooden in 1943, she never lost her love for New England. She graduated from Penn State and taught 5th and 6th grade. She married the love of her life, John Gottlieb, in 1967. Together they had three terrific children of whom she was very proud and loved dearly, John Edward (Jed), Michael Murphy (Murph), and Elizabeth Eibe (Z). Over the years the family expanded to include her wonderful daughters-in-law Jennifer “North” Gottlieb and Jennifer “South” Gottlieb, and her wonderful son-in-law Casey McDaniel. She especially adored her beloved grandchildren, Quinn and June Gottlieb and Emmett McDaniel. They brought thunderous and wild amounts of fun to her life!

Besides teaching, Lynn and her dear friend, Barbara Ragan, owned and ran The Marmot’s Tale in the old Crossroads shopping center in the heart of Vail. After tutoring in the GED program at Colorado Mountain College, Lynn earned a Master’s in Counseling Psychology in 1997 and loved her work with clients and colleagues at Colorado West Mental Health and in private practice. She volunteered and served on the board of the Bright Future Foundation and the Shaw Outreach Team which built Jack’s Place, a Cancer Caring Place. In retirement, she volunteered for the Senior Center.

Lynn loved her daily newspaper and stayed well informed. She enjoyed lively discussions that she shared freely, and always kindheartedly. She had a great empathy for people, which fit her good nature. She loved to laugh and had a lot of fun!

Imbued with a love of flowers by her grandmother, Annie Mitchell Wooden, she treasured every bloom in her garden. She loved reading, being creative, playing bridge with friends, cooking and then enjoying the meal with family and friends, always with a lovely wine – a buttery California chardonnay please. Travel was a big part of her life. With John, she visited many amazing places in this world. Paris was their favorite city and they would often add a few days there at the end of their trips to go to their favorite restaurants!

She had so many friends that she loved deeply. She demonstrated her love anyway and every way that she could. She was always there to help them and stayed in touch with old friends and new ones through messages and phone calls, hosting them in Colorado, New Jersey and Arizona, happily traveling miles to be with them in good times and bad.

As a wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother, she was the joyful heart of the family. She received a ton of love in her life, and still managed to give out twice as much love as she received.

If you wish to honor her, please make a donation to Bright Future Foundation and the Shaw Cancer Center care of Vail Health Foundation.

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