Obituary: Wolf Mueller |

Obituary: Wolf Mueller

Wolf Mueller
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Wolf Mueller

Wolf Mueller passed away peacefully at home May 28, 2020 surrounded by his family. He moved to Vail in 1974 helping John Siverly build homes in the Matterhorn neighborhood. He was born in Berlin, Germany and moved to Englewood, Colorado after WWII with his parents when he was 10. He was an avid student of history and loved to teach others. Wolf attended University of Colorado, Boulder and received a master’s in anthropology. At UCLA in Los Angeles while getting his PhD in Anthropology, he helped build a cement sailboat and would eventually sail it with a team from the Pacific to the Caribbean which sealed his love for sailing.

Wolf loved the environment. Conservation and recycling were very important to him. He was involved in Trees for Vail in the 1980’s and believed in developing clean energy and harnessing the power of the sun, wind, and water for electric power. He continued to fight to keep the entirety of Donovan Park as open space.

He met Suszanne Sibley in 1990 and fell in love. They were never apart after the day they met until the day he died.

He is survived by his wife, Suszanne, Abby their dog and Sam the cat. And stepchildren Alex Guthrie, Jessica Guthrie, and Megan Guthrie Casey (Sean Casey, husband). Grandchildren Jane (Alex Guthrie), Aiden, McKayla, Liam, and Declan (Megan and Sean Casey).

In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Shaw Cancer Center or other cancer organization.

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