Vail Daily obituary: Phoebe Brook Lester, 16, was a joy to friends, family |

Vail Daily obituary: Phoebe Brook Lester, 16, was a joy to friends, family

Phoebe Brook Lester was a beautiful 16-year-old whose life was cut short when she was struck by a drunk driver on July 26, 2017. She had a deep and enduring love for her friends and family.

Phoebe is survived by her mother, Pam Lester, and three siblings, Wayne, Shanne and Paul Pigott. Phoebe, “Pho,” was excited to enter her junior year at Grandview High School where she was a member of the golf team and a cheerleader. Her radiant love for life, captivating smile, and unforgettable laugh touched the hearts of everyone she met.

She had an unconditional love for all life, skiing, being at the beach, listening to Bob Marley, and cookie dough ice cream. She donated her time volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House where she helped provide meals and friendship to children in need. She has a passion for helping people; her dream was to become a dentist because she wanted others to smile. Phoebe chose to be an organ donor, but due to her injuries, was only able to donate her bones and tissues, giving her the chance to give life even after hers was senselessly taken.

The legacy Phoebe leaves us is the unconditional love for all and acceptance of others. “One life, one love, one destiny.” A memorial service for Phoebe will be held on Wednesday at 2 p.m. at Eastern Hills Community Church, 25511 E. Smoky Hill Road, Aurora. Everyone is welcome to bring a new stuffed animal to Phoebe’s service that will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House and Children’s Hospital.

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