Vails Bud Nicholl dies at 82 |

Vails Bud Nicholl dies at 82

Daily Staff ReportVail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyBud Nicholl

Longtime local resident Norman Bud Nicholl died Thursday after a brain hemorrhage resulting from a fall. Nicholl was the regional vice president of North American Co. for Life & Health Insurance. He lived in Denver and part time in Vail until his retirement in 1993. After retirement, Nicholl and his wife and steady companion of more than 33 years, Inge, moved full time to the Vail Valley.Born in Windsor, Ontario, on Aug. 26, 1924, Nicholl was a mosquitofighter pilot during World War II and an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force. After the war, he returned to school and graduated from the University of Michigan. Nicholl was outgoing and friendly, friends and family members said, with a greeting and a quick smile for everyone.An avid sportsman, Nicholl loved skiing, tennis and golf. He could often be found in the high country hiking or hunting for mushrooms. Even when Nicholl went on business trips, he never left his tennis racket at home.Nicholl loved dogs. He and his wife walked many orphans from the early years of the Eagle Valley

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