Obituary: Cathy Nelson-Zeeb passed away Aug. 27 |

Obituary: Cathy Nelson-Zeeb passed away Aug. 27

Happy trails, beautiful friend. Cathy Nelson-Zeeb passed away on Aug. 27, 2017, surrounded by friends, family and her furries at her little piece of paradise in Montrose.

Cathy spent her life making this world a more beautiful place. By building homes in the construction industry, or helping people reclaim their lives from substance addiction, she had a profound impact upon countless many. Her truest passion was to teach all to live, appreciate and love the present moment. Cathy’s most recent book, “Begendings II: A New Perspective,” provides insight, guidance and unique tools for loving each day to the fullest. Offering the community weekends of healing, meditation, drumming circles or simple breathing workshops, Cathy’s days were dedicated to helping others learn to help themselves. By gracefully sharing her spiritual journey, she hoped those she encountered would discover their own path to enlightenment.

Cathy’s other true love was her horses, dogs and cat. She loved nothing more than to ride her horses with friends and family and truly cherished the beautiful open spaces of Colorado’s backcountry.

Her family wishes to celebrate Cathy’s life during spring of 2018; in the meantime, we will hold a gratitude gathering on Sunday, Nov. 5, at 5 p.m. at 537 Golden Eagle Drive in the Terrace subdivision of Eagle. Please drop off and park cars at the park located around the corner. For more information, please email organizer Stephanie Samuelson at

Please visit the website, where the spring memorial service information will be posted once the date and location are determined. In the meantime and in Cathy’s honor, remember to breathe and connect with the present moment. As Cathy would always say, “It’s free; why not?!” and “Dream big!”

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