Obituary: Kimberly Ann Foos, Dec. 25, 1959 – Jan. 19, 2019 |

Obituary: Kimberly Ann Foos, Dec. 25, 1959 – Jan. 19, 2019

The world will miss an amazing “one of a kind woman” with the loss of Kimberly Ann Foos. Kim died peacefully of leukemia surrounded by loved ones at her home on January 19, 2019. Kim was only 59 at the time of her death. An age much too young to die, but a wise old woman once told Kim, “The strong and brave die first leading the way for others.” Those words brought great comfort to Kim in her final days.

Kim was born on Christmas Day, a true angel to many on December 25, 1959. She was a Colorado native born in Denver and spent her early years on the Front Range. She attended Fort Lewis College in Durango, which fed directly into her love of Mother Nature and simple living. She continued to nurture her childhood friendships with Diane Litherland and Nancy “Nanc” Smucker as her college roommates from her elementary years until the end of her days. Diane and Nancy were Kim’s chosen sisters.

Kim started her 15-year career in Denver in January 1985 with a small computer software company where she met her husband and companion, Jim Foos. Jim and Kim provided each other with friendship, companionship and love for over 30 years. They helped each other through life’s most challenging events while having fun along the way. They relocated to the Vail Valley area in 2005 where Kim took pleasure in being involved in her passion to serve other individuals and animals alike. She was a faithful supporter of organizations to enhance one’s quality of life on a more fulfilling path. Kim’s wholehearted approach to living became contagious as she helped others to do the same.

Kim loved to travel. She explored many regions of the United States. In addition, she traveled to numerous countries. She was especially fond of travel that put her in touch with animals and the beauty of nature. Her most recent adventure took her to China to spend close personal time with Panda Bears. This was a trip she knew she had to take. She had a sense that this was her grand finale and shortly after returning home discovered that she had only weeks to live.

Kim worked hard later in life to be true to herself. She opened her heart and mind to the power of the universe. Meditation and gratitude were part of Kim’s daily practice. Her approach to life was very present in her final days as she expressed profound gratitude toward all the friends and caregivers that helped her through her challenging illness. She told numerous people during her final days that she had a great life and was grateful for all of her “peeps” that made her journey so remarkable.

We give thanks for the times shared with this sweet soul!

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