Obituary: Patricia Ruiz Roe, 1971-2020 |

Obituary: Patricia Ruiz Roe, 1971-2020

Born on Feb. 21, 1971, in Calvillo, Mexico, Patricia Ruiz Roe — Pati or Patito (“little duck”), as she was known to many loved ones — moved to the United States in 2000 to find a better future for herself and for her family remaining in Mexico. She settled in Eagle County.

With her frequent laugh and constant smile, Pati was quick to make friends, studying English at Colorado Mountain College and finding employment as a housekeeper.

Industrious, efficient and highly driven, Pati worked for many employers before starting her own house cleaning company. She regularly sent money to her family in Mexico and saved enough to design and build a house next door to her parents. She made several trips back to Mexico to be with her mother before losing her earlier this year.

Pati loved photography, exploring new places, reveling in the beauty of nature, making and sharing her favorite Mexican dishes and spending time with her family. She kept in close contact with her siblings, who regarded her as “the strong one in the family” and a beacon of virtues — particularly leadership and humility — on which to model themselves. She was always sending photos and asking for updates on her nieces and nephews. 

In 2006, she met her husband, Michael Roe, and a few years later, they started a family. Pati then dedicated her working hours to being a full-time mother to her two children.

Her sweet disposition was passed on to her son, Axl, 11, and daughter Kianna, 9, whom she referred to as “mis Pitufitos (my little Smurfs).” Nearly every morning while taking her children to school, she encouraged them to call their grandmother who lives nearby, to make sure her mother-in-law was having a nice morning and to share their plans for the day.

After several years of studying English, Pati’s language skills improved tremendously. She constantly pushed herself to the next level, welcoming the opportunity to practice by sending kind messages and jokes to friends. After several years of intense study, hard work and focus, Pati earned her United States Citizenship in 2017.

Pati was someone who noticed the beauty in all things — commenting on the colors in a sunset through a wildfire haze, photographing the flowers blooming around her neighborhood in the spring, and turning her lens on the sky to capture rainbows appearing after a storm.

A believer in the wisdom of Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, Pati regularly shared favorite quotes. She had recently shared the following:

“One day you will wake up and discover that you have no more time to do what you dreamed of. The moment is now. Take action!”

Pati put this wisdom into practice every day. She took action.

Pati died at her home in Gypsum on Sept. 17, 2020. She was 49. She will be fondly remembered and greatly missed for her interminable sense of humor, compassion, selflessness, generosity, thoughtfulness, empathy and positivity. She never forgot a birthday, was the first to check in with friends and family when they were struggling or grieving, was the person who arrived at a holiday with thoughtful gifts for everyone in the house. She radiated love and warmth to all who knew her.

She is survived by her husband Michael Roe, son Axl Matteo Roe, daughter Kianna Daniella Roe, stepson Hunter G. Roe, mother-in-law Sheri Ball, father José Ruiz Lozano, siblings Reveca Ruiz Valle, Jose Saul Ruiz Valle, Lorena Ruiz Valle, Monica Ruiz Valle, María Guadalupe Ruiz Valle, Oscar Ruiz Valle, nieces and nephews  Naomi Ibarra, Gisselle Dennis Ruiz, Matthew Ruiz, Constanza Regina de Lara, Alex Ruiz, Maximiliano Ibarra, Daleyza Valentina Hernandez, María José Ruiz, Matias Asiel Hernandez, Emilio Yurem Hernandez, Miranda Ruiz, Maximo Valentín Ruiz, Emiliano Ruiz and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

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