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Of cabs, preachers, and candy bars

Randy Wyrick
NWS Kobe Preacher BH 4-26

Notes, quotes and brain droppings from Monday’s Kobe Khronicles:

• Yellow Cab Journalism: Reporters were positively aflutter when a Yellow Cab pulled into the courthouse parking lot, apparently hoping it was one of the Bryant case witnesses.

Turns out it was someone who had no other was to get to Eagle for traffic court – all the way from Colorado Springs.

Total fare: $620, $310 each way, plus the traffic fine, fees and court costs the malcontented motorist had to pay. Absolutely nothing priceless.

• Tall Tales: Journalists locked out of a courtroom for days on end will find all kinds of ways to entertain themselves, mostly by telling stories.

Like the time a bunch of reporters were covering the Unabomber trial, and someone put a Christmas tree in the media area. Someone else put small boxes under the tree, wrapped in plain brown paper, and bearing nothing by return addresses – the M.O. of the Unabomber.

• Q&A: Possibly the most entertaining moment of the day came when the Prophetic Walk Across American showed up at the courthouse. Only they didn’t do much walking.

It was a bunch of people in a truck pulling a trailer, two mules named Forgiveness and Justice, and a support vehicle.

The preacher proclaimed that the world was basically a quagmire and we’re all doomed.

Jesus, he said, is the answer.

He neglected to state the question.

• Irony of the Day: Judge Ruckriegle broke early for lunch because neither side had any witnesses ready to testify at that moment.

This, of course, comes on the heels of attorneys for the prosecution, defense and the alleged victim asking for a trial date as soon as possible.

• Candy Kid: We didn’t see this ourselves, but the folks who sit in the photo pool outside the courthouse all day with little or nothing to do, swear it’s true. One of the Suburbans that hauls Kobe and Company from point A to point B drove up to the front door of the courthouse for the sole purpose to delivering a candy bar.

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