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Of liars and line items

Randy Wyrick

Sen. Robert “The Pork Meister” Byrd has his undies in a bunch about the latest lame version of a line-item veto proposal.

This is the same Sen. Byrd who, not so long ago, wanted to move entire government agencies to his state, West Virginia, where people step out of the cab of a pickup truck, point back to it and exclaim, “That’s my wife and that’s my sister!” ” and there’s one woman in there.

President Gee Dubya thinks (really he does, sometimes) it’s a bad idea for your federal gummint to be spending your money on stuff like the Pineapple Upside Down Bean Museum. He wants to be able to yank that stuff out of spending bills like a recalcitrant kid and send it back to the congress from whence it came and make them vote on them all by themselves.

That would shed a little light on the silliness buried in those mountain-sized bills that weigh more than a Honda.

Once upon a time, as you may recall, the GOPers pushed through a line-item veto that would allow any president, not just Gee Dubya, to stick a stiletto through the heart of an item he thought was stupid.

A year or so later the Supreme Court slapped it down like a gnat at a picnic with a pretty basic multiple-choice question for our nation’s lawmakwers:

1. “Are you people all Forrest Gump?”

2. “Or what?!?”

You may also recall that before the Supreme Court sent our government Gumps to timeout, Byrd was a big fan of a proposal identical to the one he now says is evil beyond all comprehension. Of course, back then, it was the Democratic alternative to a Republican proposal.

Vail, Colorado

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