Off the Hill: Christy Sports offers seasonal ski and snowboard rentals for kids and adults |

Off the Hill: Christy Sports offers seasonal ski and snowboard rentals for kids and adults

By Tricia Swenson
The snow has started to fall in Eagle County. Are you ready for the upcoming season? How about your kids? Christy Sports has a great offer if you’d like to rent gear for the season instead of investing in brand new equipment. If you have kids who are still growing, you can visit their Avon or West Vail locations to pick up a ski or snowboard rental package for $109 per child for the entire season. “Being a father of four, I know how fast kids grow. This program allows you to constantly switch out the equipment for different sizes, and it’s just a really good value,” said Jeff Evans, regional manager for Christy Sports. If you are new to the valley or new to the sport of skiing or snowboarding and want to experience getting out there without investing too much, spend $169 for the adult seasonal rentals. “Maybe you are not sure if you want to ski or snowboard, try out our season rentals for $169 and switch to your preferred sport once you decide,” Evans said. Christy Sports offers brands like Solomon, Rossignol, Volkl, K2, and Dynastar in its seasonal rental program. Let their experienced staff help you pick out the right equipment for you or your children. “With this program, you’ll get equipment that enhances your ability, so if you’re a beginner we can get you into something that is easy to use, easy to ski,” Evans said. “If you are a boarder we can get you a LTR (Learn To Ride) snowboard. If you advance throughout the season, bring the beginner skis back and we’ll swap them out for your current ability level.” To learn more, stop by Christy Sports’ Avon or West Vail locations or visit their website at


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