Off the Hill: Learn to effectively market yourself with Soul Genius Branding |

Off the Hill: Learn to effectively market yourself with Soul Genius Branding

By Tricia Swenson
Do you feel stuck at work? Overwhelmed by your business goals? Have trouble connecting to your clients? Does your brand stick out? Let Soul Genius Branding help you shed your limiting beliefs and align your vision with your business. Soul Genius Branding provides branding, copywriting, coaching and can create content for your website that resonates with your target audience. Founder Linda Perry is used to helping people share their story. As a litigation attorney for 18 years, she crafted clients’ stories in the courtroom. Now she is interested in helping clients seek out their true voice and passion and translate that into connecting with their customers. “When we start connecting with our clients we feel more confident. Instead of constantly worrying, we naturally settle into sharing our passion and purpose without worrying about how we’re coming across or what people are thinking,” said Perry. From blogs and Facebook Live sessions to free Jumpstart Guides and 30-minute consultations over the phone, Perry will help you find out which of her programs will work for you. “Getting a client to an ‘aha moment’ is amazing. To feel like they’ve really connected to their message and feel like they’re capable of sharing of themselves in a new way is incredibly rewarding,” said Perry. Even though Soul Genius Branding helps all clients, Perry likes to help women find their voice and tell their story. Soul Genius Branding will be hosting their Brand of U event at the Westin Riverfront Resort and Spa on September 21st from 1 to 5 p.m.. “Women who come to the Brand of U are going to gain awareness of all the ways we limit ourselves and our stories. They are also going to gain tools on how and what to share. More than that, they are going to be able to connect with what stories are important to them – in other words, what pieces of themselves really shine and stand out,” said Perry. To learn more about how Soul Genius Branding can help your business thrive or get tickets for the Brand of U event, visit

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