Off the Hill: Short-term rehabilitation offered at Castle Peak Senior Care (video) |

Off the Hill: Short-term rehabilitation offered at Castle Peak Senior Care (video)

By Tricia Swenson | Off the Hill
In the Eagle Valley, age is more of an attitude instead of a number, but when the time comes, it is nice to know there is now a facility that can keep us here longer and give us the care we need. That place is Castle Peak Senior Community, nestled in downtown Eagle Ranch. Along with assisted living, long-term care and memory care, Castle Peak also offers short-term rehabilitation, which is designed for individuals who need a period of recovery following hospitalization, injury or a serious medical condition such as stroke, heart attack, hip knee or shoulder replacements or effects from cancer treatments like lymphedema. “Our therapists are experts in geriatric care and senior rehabilitation. So now, outpatients can come here for their therapy and not have to drive to Denver, Glenwood Springs or Carbondale for treatment,” said Monica McCarroll, director of marketing at Castle Peak Senior Care. “Recently we had a gentleman who went to a Denver hospital after a bike accident for his trauma care, but he was able to come back here for his rehab so his wife didn’t have to drive back and fourth to Denver anymore,” said McCarroll. Castle Peak’s comprehensive approach includes physical, occupational, speech and other therapies. They have licensed staff and nursing assistance onsite twenty-four hours a day. Their rehabilitation center strives to improve care transitions and reduce re-hospitalizations, but the biggest benefit may be that it’s close to home for many. Julie Woulfe has been living in Vail since the late 70s. Woulfe needed to move her mother, Joy Dirkes, to Denver for assisted living care five years ago. With Castle Peak now open, Woulfe moved her mother back to the valley. “I pop in probably 3 to 4 times a week, just to say hello to her, she’s participating in group activities now where she wasn’t before, the staff is awesome,” said Woulfe. “My mother is very, very happy here.” For more information about Castle Peak Senior Care and their programs, please call 970.989.2500 or visit

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