Off the Hill: Summer Reading Program kicks off at the Eagle Valley Library District (video) |

Off the Hill: Summer Reading Program kicks off at the Eagle Valley Library District (video)

By Tricia Swenson | Off the Hill
The Eagle Valley Library District is excited to kick off their summer reading programs for all ages. This year’s theme is “Build a Better World”, but it means more than construction, it also means building communities. “Build a better world can mean recycling in your town, so we’ll have the Town of Vail sharing recycling tips. It can also mean how animals build so we’ll have Walking Mountains here to tell us how animals build their homes,” said Kari Thorne, children’s librarian at the Avon Public Library. The Summer Reading Program goes beyond books. It involves music, movies and even some math. Eddie Coker, an opera singer turned children’s musician, had the kids in stitches as he sang his zany tunes at the kickoff on June 7th. On Fridays, various movies will be offered along with popcorn. Math and science will be incorporated along with artistic engineering for first through sixth graders with the John McConnell Math & Science Center. Linda Bumpas said her daughter has enjoyed this program for the last three years. “It keeps the kids motivated because they get to use their stickers to indicate they have reached their reading goals. It keeps them accountable and responsible for their progress,” said Bumpas. “The programs they have just encourage everyone to read more and what they bring in every week is really educational and fun.” The Eagle Valley Library District also has programs that encourage teens and adults to read, log their progress and even earn some prizes. Teenagers were invited to “create, build and discover” with Tracy Miller, the Colorful Cook, with hands-on cooking classes at the Eagle, Gypsum and Avon Public Libraries. Adults 18 years or older will have an opportunity to earn fun prizes just for reading. The grand prize is a $50 gift card to City Market, Costco or The Bookworm. For more information about the Summer Reading Program and to get involved, go to

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