Off the Hill with Tricia Swenson: Bucket and Brews brings fun to Eagle-Vail Golf Club driving range |

Off the Hill with Tricia Swenson: Bucket and Brews brings fun to Eagle-Vail Golf Club driving range

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What do you get when you blend two favorite pastimes like swinging clubs and swilling beer? The Eagle-Vail Golf Club has put a twist on the typical trip to the driving range with Buckets and Brews.

Usually golfers visit the driving range to warm up before a round or to practice on a day off. Add a local brewery to the mix and awesome prizes, and you’ve got yourself a little party.

The Eagle-Vail Golf Club teamed up with all the local breweries in the area for Buckets and Brews on Thursday nights from 5 to 7 p.m. For just $10 you get a bucket of golf balls and two beers.

“When we started this three years ago, we would only sell cans of beer because we had fewer participants. Now, we get kegs and have no problem finishing them,” said Ben Vancuren, assistant golf pro at Eagle-Vail Golf Club.

There’s oftentimes a wait for a spot on the driving range and many people share space with a friend. This allows more people to enjoy the atmosphere. It also allows them time to trade off between working on their swing and working on their pint.

The event brings out the golf course’s neighbors. Charlotte and John Muir brought out their 1-week-old baby, Shep, to Buckets and Brews.

“I like to get out of the house at least once a day,” said the new mother. “We live just a few blocks away.”

The chance to win raffle prizes keeps people around until the end of the event. Especially when Liberty skis or Weston snowboards are up for grabs. Eagle-Vail Golf Club partners with local vendors to provide different prizes each week.

The last Buckets and Brews is Thursday, Sept. 22. Beyond that, there are a few more weeks of golfing in the high country. Most courses upvalley stay open through early October. Downvalley, some courses stay open as long as the weather permits.

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