Off the Hill with Tricia Swenson: TV personality Samantha Harris has Gotta Make Lemonade |

Off the Hill with Tricia Swenson: TV personality Samantha Harris has Gotta Make Lemonade

Tricia Swenson
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Did you see her? There was a celebrity spotting a few weeks ago! Samantha Harris was in town speaking about her experience as a breast cancer survivor.

This popular television host, wife and mother of two was diagnosed just a few years ago at the age of 40, and through her journey she and her husband, Michael, came up with an idea to help others. Gotta Make Lemonade is their nonprofit dedicated to inspiring positivity in the face of adversity.

The Gotta Make Lemonade website not only covers the woes of those going through breast cancer, but it touches on all sorts of topics and they invite people to share their stories.

A highlight of the Vail Valley summer schedule, Harris spoke at the Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group’s annual Celebration of Life Luncheon. The Vail Beast Cancer Awareness Group helps ease the financial and emotional burdens faced by women in Eagle County who are battling breast cancer. The luncheon is their biggest and most notable event of the year, but they also touch lives through their funding of programs like A Day to Play and the Gap Fund.

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A Day to Play helps women who are currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer by giving them $500 to spend however they desire — throw a party, go to a spa or maybe just pay some bills. In 2012, the Gap Fund was created to help eligible patients with medical bills related to diagnostic services and genetic testing. This fund helps women cover their cost of diagnostic breast imaging services.

The Celebration of Life Luncheon always has inspirational speakers who have been touched by cancer and share their stories with the audience, often eliciting laughter and tears. Robin Roberts, Giuliana and Bill Rancic, and Dr. Susan Love are just a few of the speakers who moved and motivated the luncheon attendees to support the Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group’s mission.

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