Officers pursue elusive driver in Eagle |

Officers pursue elusive driver in Eagle

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Editor’s note: The following excerpts were taken from Eagle County law enforcement officers and police reports.

EAGLE, Colorado – An Eagle Police officer was on patrol during the early morning hours of Sept. 4 when he became suspicious of a vehicle navigating along alleys in the downtown area.

Noting that vehicles seldom traverse alleys at 2:30 a.m., the officer decided to observe the driver’s actions. He stopped his patrol car in the area of Third Street and Howard and waited until came to the intersection. He watched as the car turned to eastbound Third Street and became suspicious when the driver turned to drive up the dirt road located behind the Eagle Fire Station.

Because that the road is blocked off and dead-ends at the fire station parking lot, the officer decided to stop the car and question the driver. As he called dispatchers to inform them of his intentions, the officer noticed the vehicle was gaining speed. The driver eventually passed the parking lot and continued up a dirt path, driving around a jersey barrier and down a steep embankment before turning east on Second Street.

The officer followed and attempted to head off the driver at Mill Road, but lost track of the vehicle. A second officer arrived for backup and reported that the vehicle hadn’t passed him at the other end of the road. While searching the Bluffs neighborhood for the vehicle, the officer noticed a set of headlights coming down from the BLM land on Bellyache. When the car passed, the officer confirmed it was the vehicle he was looking for. He radioed ahead and the other Eagle policeman stopped the car.

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When he contacted the occupants, the officer noted a smell of alcohol emanating form the car. The driver maintained he had been up on the BLM land all night long and denied trying to elude the officer earlier. The officer noted the driver had bloodshot, watery eyes and was swaying back and forth.

The driver would not consent to voluntary roadside maneuvers and choose a blood test to determine his blood alcohol count. Police found two open beer cans and a fifth of whiskey in the vehicle. The passenger in the car was taken into custody and charged with minor in possession.

Jealous rage?

EAGLE – A mother and daughter came to the Eagle Police Department Sept. 6 to report an assault they alleged happened the previous evening.

At about 7:30 p.m. Sept. 5, the 17-year-old daughter was at home and the mother was at work when someone knocked on the door at their apartment. The daughter said she opened the door and found two women outside. They asked her name and then reached inside the apartment and dragged her out by her hair. The daughter said the women slammed her into the wall and warned her to stay away from a man who her mother used to date.

The daughter said the women ran away when a man from upstairs approached the area. She said she was not injured in the assault. After the women left, she called her mother to report the incident.

The mother told police that she recently broke up with her former boyfriend and although she occasionally sees him, he does not talk to him. The mother said at a recent dance, her former boyfriend’s new girlfriend “stared down” her daughter.

Police said they would attempt to get a Battle Mountain High School yearbook for the daughter to examine to see if she recognized her assailants. The case remains open.

Miscellaneous mischief

• Employees at the Eagle Public Library reported finding several orange splashes on the windows located on the building’s western side. Police photographed the splashes, which appeared to be caused by a paintball gun. The incident did not damage the windows or the brick building.

• A man who reported to complete a urine analysis test at a location in Eagle claimed his wallet was stolen on Sept. 9. As per testing requirements, the man removed his belongings from his pockets and placed them in a basket at the office counter while he retired to a restroom. He was unable to complete the test and collected his belongings and waited at the office for around 45 minutes. When he decided to retrieve an appointment card from his wallet, he realized it was missing. The man was adamant that he had the wallet when he entered the office. He said it contained his I.D., debit cards, pay stubs and $23. The office employee noted several clients had been in the office and convinced the man to file the police report. After contacting the other people who had visited the office the same morning, Eagle Police had no leads in the case.

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