Official COVID updates from Eagle County in real time |

Official COVID updates from Eagle County in real time

These live feeds will provide residents with the most up-to-date information relating to coronavirus and COVID-19 in Eagle County

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Editor’s Note: This sponsored content was brought to you by Eagle County Government.

One Valley Voice is Eagle County’s official Facebook forum. Come here with your questions and receive factual answers from your local government officials. is the official website for Eagle County’s public safety information and is managed by a community of local communication professionals.

These feeds are operating in real-time. Bookmark a link to this article page to view timely information from the county and its partners. Both feeds will be used to communicate local news relating to COVID-19 in Eagle County with the public.

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De ahora en adelante esta es la página de Facebook de condado de Eagle para COVID-19, en adición a la pagina de

Este es el canal principal que utilizaremos para comunicar noticias de última hora al público. Visítela seguido, para obtener información oportuna del condado y sus asociados.

Eagle County’s official forum about its response to COVID-19 (

Eagle County Public Safety Information about COVID-19 (

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