Official disavows online debauchery claim |

Official disavows online debauchery claim

PHOENIX ” A state official claimed on his MySpace page that he volunteers to help children only to indoctrinate them in the “splendors of lawlessness,” but says it was a joke intended only for his friends, not the public.

“It’s exactly the opposite of me as a person,” said Dennis Seavers, executive director of the state fingerprinting board, of his profile on the popular networking site. “If I had known that the public would see it, I never would have done it.”

But Sen. Linda Gray said she was troubled by his page and still had questions after speaking with him Monday.

“To me this is a sick joke,” said Gray, a Republican who works on legislative issues about law enforcement. “I have a concern about what he wrote about himself and whether there needs to be professional evaluation of his behavior because he such a high responsibility as director of the fingerprinting board.”

The small executive-branch agency considers appeals from prospective teachers and others required to submit fingerprints for criminal background checks.

Seavers’ page said that he lived “a quiet daytime life as a state employee” but that his friends knew him “as wild debauchery, interested in self-promotion and enrichment. And by enrichment, I mean money. None of this self-esteem crap.”

It continued, “Though afflicted by dipsomania, I stroll through crowds under the guise of sobriety. I volunteer as a Big Brother, only to indoctrinate children in the gothic splendors of lawlessness.”

Gov. Janet Napolitano’s spokeswoman said she was unaware of Seavers’ page and had no immediate comment.

Seavers said Monday that he had canceled his account. Accessed late Monday, the page was up with a note: “This profile is set to private. This user must add you as a friend to see his/her profile.”

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– Arizona Board of Fingerprinting:

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