Officials asking motorists to not let their guards down, return travel to Denver will be “challenging” |

Officials asking motorists to not let their guards down, return travel to Denver will be “challenging”

Numerous road closures continue due to adverse conditions

A snow blower throws snow over the guardrail on I-25 Monument Hill, between Denver and Colorado Springs. This is a heavy piece of equipment that is rarely used on this section of interstate. (Colorado Department of Transportation, Special to the Daily)

Colorado Department of Transportation and Colorado State Patrol are urging the public to stay off highways and interstates as conditions throughout the state continue to worsen with the arrival of the March spring snow storm.

Officials are asking motorists to keep a close watch on the weather and road conditions, and plan to stay off the roads during the storm.

“Return travel from the mountains into Denver will be extremely challenging on Sunday for those who visited the high country,” a statement by CDOT sent on Sunday morning says. “Motorists should make arrangements to postpone travel until Monday when the storm has passed and conditions improve.”

Officials are also saying the storm arrived later than anticipated.

“While the storm took some time to pick up [Saturday], it is much more intense [Sunday] — and just as it arrived a little later than anticipated, it will be with us for longer than originally expected, through [Sunday] and [Sunday night],” CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew said in the statement. “We ask motorists not to let their guard down; [Sunday’s] conditions are worse than [Saturday’s].”

Drivers are also reminded to slow down and move over for emergency personnel on the sides of highways, as well as to give snowplows room on the roads.

“Many road closures are currently in place and more closures are expected as the storm intensifies through the day Sunday and into the night,” the CDOT announcement says.

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Heavy accumulations of snow, snow packed and icy roads, and low visibility will continue well into the evening along Interstate 70, I-25 and other highway corridors in the foothills and the Front Range.

Motorists are encouraged not to seek alternate routes to circumvent road closures, but rather stay put or turn back and find a safe place to wait out the storm. If a highway safety closure is in place, that means the alternate routes could be impassable.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning through 6 a.m. Monday morning.

At Denver International Airport, more than 2,000 flights have been canceled over the weekend, according to The Associated Press.

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