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Oh Christmas Tree, I’m sick of you

Samantha Donen and Caramie Schnell

Does the sound of ‘Jingle Bells’ make you want to throw up or does it get you in the Christmas spirit? Do you know all the words to “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” or do you cringe at the opening notes?

Like it or not, as soon as that calendar hits December 1 Christmas jingles start to pop up everywhere – over the phone while you wait to yell at the Cingular rep, in the elevator as you rush to get to your next appointment, and in the car as you rapidly switch through the radio presets. With recording artists all across the charts releasing new songs each year, Christmas music has rapidly become its own genre of music and valley locals have their favorites, as well as plenty of stipulations when it comes to the giddy tunes.

Many artists have come out with new Christmas songs this year – from Billy Idol’s “Yelling At The Christmas Tree” to Elton John’s “Calling It Christmas” duet with Joss Stone found on his 21-track Christmas rock compilation titled, “Elton John’s Christmas Party.”

But locals, for the most part, favor their old favorites over the newer Christmas tunes. Tina Dewitt, a local valley resident, loves “What Child Is This” by Harry Connick Jr. because “it brings out the non-commercial Christmas tradition for me.”

For tourist Bobby Williams, the special song that gives the season meaning is “Silent Night.”

“It has such a deep meaning, for that two minutes you hear it on the radio it sends a message that should be heard every day, not just during the holidays,” Williams said.

One traditional song, however, makes Rebecca Mallon cringe.

“I’ve worked retail for 18 years and “Feliz Navidad” has lost its novelty; it’s on every Christmas CD at every job,” she said.

Edward’s resident Carolyn Gash says she likes Christmas music, but only the week before Christmas (“never in November”) and only the traditional tunes.

“I hate the new stuff – like ‘N Sync or Mariah Carey doing their own crap rendition,” Gash said.

Gash’s coworker, Rebecca Hollister isn’t all that big on Christmas music, she said, though she was quick to pick “The Muppets and John Denver: A Christmas Together” as her fav album.

“It’s from the ’80s, so of course it rocks,” she said. “It’s by far my favorite Christmas album.”

Bing Crosby and Kenny Rogers also put out some popular Christmas albums. If you are looking for something new to put in the CD player this season, check out the holiday CD reviews on page 17.

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