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Oh, holy day

Don Rogers

You just know life has gotten awfully politicized if you fret that a heartfelt “Merry Christmas!” might give someone pause.For God’s sake, don’t say that in a public school. Look at all the teachers cringe. But wait, the local high school choir sings some Christmas songs at the, ahem, holiday concert. And the walls do not come tumbling down. Why, there’s even polite applause. No atheists screaming bloody murder with their hair on fire. No practitioners of other faiths feeling their toes pinched or egos bruised or religion abused. No agnostics worrying about what some litigious soul might think.Just warm, generous applause for the student performers, as should be. The Christmas spirit is not this nonsense about saying the wrong thing.You know, it’s OK, really, to wish a Jew “Happy Hanukkah,” a Muslim “Best Ramadan,” and so on. Saying “Merry Christmas” should not be an act of rebellion, just as “Happy holidays!” is hardly a profanity. Holy day. It’s a general cover greeting, not some “kill Christmas where it lays” plot. Fortunately, the reality is that few of us truly have real difficulty saying and accepting the traditional Christmas greeting. In America, this holiday transcends creeds, theologies, even our amalgam of cultures that melt – however incompletely – into one nation built on hope, generosity and promise above all. Like so much else in this country, Christmas is about freedom. Celebrate the holy day as you wish. No one really can tell you how to celebrate, or what to say. In that spirit: Merry Christmas! Vail, Colorado

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