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Oh, it’ll stand out, all right

Don Rogers

What, the Gore Range isn’t distinctive enough anymore to suit Vail? Vail Mountain’s a mere sideshow compared to the glory to be in town?Low-key Bavarian and American alpine is out in favor of a real attention-grabber with the Fred Flinstoney mushroom by summer, Dairy Queen spill by winter design for a conference center the Town Council chose this week. What is that, Skiers of the Caribbean, It’s a Strange World After All, SpongeBob SquarePants’ Undersea Lair? When’s the giant dinosaur going to be erected next to the upside down ice cream cone? Never mind the mountain. Did you see the conference center!?Sure, it’ll make for a great postcard, a regular collector’s item. Put it in the scrapbook next to the postcard of the jackalope. Wish you were here.Looks like the Town Council has come a long ways from the Donovan Pavilion. It wasn’t so long ago that “avant garde” was eschewed for the rugged yet understated loggy lodge look for the town’s last big construction endeavor. Maybe Vail Resorts could be inspired to get more, you know, adventurous with its designs for the nearby core of Lionshead. If Bavarian is oh so droll now, maybe the revamp should be more Star Wars out-planet than ski town.Apparently this standout “icon” is also meant to blend in with the mountainside, somehow, despite its immediate surroundings of the Dobson Ice Arena and the Lionshead parking structure and all those now pedestrian town buildings. Never mind the rather large gap in logic here. Icons don’t blend in. They wouldn’t be icons that way.The real irony is that this design was labeled “natural.” Hah! That’s a good one. D.R.

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