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Oh it’s such a hard life here

Iraq is burning. New Orleans is drowning. Kansas is racing western Pakistan to see who can install the most madrassas and return the world to the Dark Ages. These are wacky times, indeed.So what are way too many folks in the Vail Valley concerned about? Doog poop. Speeding on Highway 6, or is it going too slow? Bicycles. Whether 100 feet is too high for a building. Wherever shall we find parking for a conference center? Should it be three county commissioners or five? The preservation of a gravel pit. Whether customers should be allowed to smoke in county bars.What else? Surely we’ve missed some vitally crucial issue crinkling our neighbors’ brows. We have to work too hard. Deal with immigrants who have the silly notion that even a “hard” life here surpasses the poverty they will risk life and limb and legality to escape. The big bad company in charge of play time charges us too much and there are too damn many paying customers on the mountain come powder days.Sniff.Yep, life is terrible, just terrible here. So many troubles. The paper bothers us showing real grief in a page one photo. How dare they disturb us just while we’re sorting out this crisis over who should use the pedestrian paths, and who should not. Why more folks want to live here and ruin everything is beyond us. So where’s the stampede out of the valley? With such burdens as deciding who should scoop dog poop and all, it must really be rough to hang on.Vail, Colorado

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