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Oh just suck it up, pay your tax

Dave Osbourne
Vail, CO, Colorado

I find it rather hilarious now the housing and economic money machine is hitting the reality sensors in Eagle County and surrounding communities. Nobody in 2007 or even 2008 was even willing to come to grips with a 40-50 percent decrease in real property values, or even the ability to pay such taxes based on fair assessments for 16-18 months ago. Everyone I talked to said with a rather glib attitude the area was insulated from this downturn. The real estate boom was speculative here as well as elsewhere, anyone saying otherwise was either ignorant or stupid, or maybe just ignorant and stupid.

Now we have a downturn, and those with mortgages to pay, and no income, suck it up. If you can’t afford the house, the payments, the taxes then give it up to someone who can. You bought in, didn’t sell at the right time, and now you want some sympathy?

The Vail Daily Editorial Board should be ashamed of itself for pimping the notion that time frames should change for a system that has been so well played in the past to the advantage of high-rising home prices.

There is no Mulligan in life. In the end there is no do-over, no way, no how. Taxes are what they are, in life, death, there is taxes.

Dave Osbourne

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