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Oh, please

As i am sitting reading the article “Sinkhole speeders seek relief” on Tuesday, Aug, 19., I cannot believe that these people are actually getting their points reduced and fines lowered. I am appalled that this would happen.

It really irks me that the courts would actually appease these persons by doing this. Each and every one of these people broke the law and endangered many lives in doing so.

I drive from Summit to Vail every day for my job and witness on a daily basis the speeding that happens on Vail Pass even in the treacherous conditions our winter months offer. I am one of the people sitting on Vail Pass while it is closed due to accidents because someone was speeding down the icy hill. Sitting there while these people are whining about their ticket are driving on the bike path or in the lane made for emergency vehicles because THEY are more important than the other 800 people sitting and waiting for road to open and the rules don’t apply to them.

These are the same people who were passing me as I was entering the construction zone at sinkhole going the speed limit, hitting cones in the closed lane doing 60 mph in 35 mph zone so they could be in front of me, causing me and others who actually obeyed the posted signs to brake so as not to be in an accident.

Some of these excuses used: “It was Sunday morning and no one was working on the highway.” So that means it’s OK to speed? “The signage was poor.” That’s a good one. I suppose the 80 signs four miles before the site and the huge illuminated sign warning of CSP issuing tickets and cones everywhere werent enough for Mr. Yocum to comprehend. “I was coming from Avon to Summit County every day and I saw them stopping three cars at a time. It felt like entrapment.” Don’t you think that’s a sign to slow down and drive the posted limit?

And my favorite excuse came from Pam Slater: she couldn’t see the 35 mph sign because “there were three trucks blocking it.” Well, considering that the signs were on both sides of the road, where were you, driving in between the trucks, creating your own lane in the middle?

The speed limit was dropped for a total of maybe five miles of road, and it was extremely well posted, in my opinion. I think these people are probably the same people who were passing on the blind curves while the highway was closed and the route was detoured through Leadville. I was amazed to see the highway opened so quickly after only four days of being closed. Slowing down for a 5-mile stretch far, far outwieghed the additonal two-hour drive time round trip through Leadville.

I was happy to see the CSP doing a wonderful job keeping that stretch safe for the hard-working people out there fixing the road I use. Speeding is a choice you make when you drive a vehicle and should be punished when caught.

So I say to the people that got the tickets, you broke the law, you got caught. So stop the whining and pay the fines.

Rob Schelle

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