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Oh, what to wear?

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Vail nightlife is like no other. After the streets fall dark, the Village becomes a teeming mecca of lively vacationers and locals. Everybody’s looking for the night’s hot spot, but to get there they’ve got to travel through cold weather, so it’s a tough task to stay warm and look your absolute best.Ladies need not worry – your style need not perish because of the often-frigid temperatures. You don’t have to torture yourself to stay fashionable this season. It is possible to be warm and outstanding at the same time. Fortunately, this years fall fashion trends include some temperate selections such as embellished sweaters, ponchos, and coats, coats, coats.Sparkling accessories have also crowded the runways. Metallic purses, belts, shoes, and broaches full of ornamental elements complete that perfect look. However, there is a fine line between trendy and tacky when in doubt don’t. And be careful not to overdo it with accessories: There is no need to wear two broaches, carry a metallic purse and walk around in sequined boots.One thing to keep in mind while getting ready coat check! Most restaurants and bars in the valley offer coat check services for patrons. Whatever your fashion dilemma, you must remember: you’re not alone, someone has been through this before, and fortunately, there’s always a solution to your latest fashion challenge. By Lauren ParsonsLiving in the Vail Valley and staying hip to new trends can be quite a task. Fortunately, we live in the digital age and all we gotta do is surf to a few websites to stay on top of the game.Here’s 10 websites we check out from time to time (see the front page of Aprs for five more!).1) Instyle.com2) Style.com3) CrossFashion.com4) Girlshop.com5) Edressme.com6) Lucky.com7) ScoopNYC.com8) ShopBop.com9) FashionBrokers.com10) Macys.com

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