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Ohio GOP chairman backs off plans to push Ney to resign

WASHINGTON – Ohio GOP chairman pledged full support Thursday for Rep. Bob Ney, a day after he said the party would ask Ney to leave Congress if he were to be indicted for his alleged role in a lobbyist’s influence peddling scheme.Bob Bennett, chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, told Fox News Channel on Wednesday: “If Bob Ney is indicted, that’s a very serious charge. We would ask him to step down on that basis.”The statement came four days after Ney, R-Ohio, stepped down temporarily as chairman of an important House committee. He reacted indignantly to Bennett’s statement Wednesday.”I listen to those I was elected to serve, not the party bosses who are sometimes ignorant of what is right and what is wrong, and instead stick their fingers to the political winds every time there is a breeze,” he said in a statement.Bennett backed off Thursday, saying: “Rep. Ney has said he believes a fair and thorough investigation will help to clear his name, and I take him at his word. It’s important to let that process play out and to get all the facts on the table.”Bennett also told Fox the party would find a candidate to oppose Ney in a primary if he were indicted and refused to step down. Bennett also backpedaled on that statement Thursday.”We are actively working toward his re-election, and I am confident that he will handle this challenge with the best interest of his constituents in mind,” Bennett said.Vail, Colorado

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