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Erik Vienneau

Many women are happy to receive a bouquet of flowers from their true love.Back in 1810 the stakes were apparently much, much higher.In Munich that year a very high profile wedding took place between Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen.The prince went above and beyond your average wedding reception and threw a party for everyone in Munich.That celebration has taken place every year since on the fields named Theresienwiese (Theresa’s fields) in honor of the crown princess. Today, that party is called Oktoberfest and is the largest festival in the world, with more than six million visitors from all around the world.Beaver Creek is just one of the hundreds of places in the U.S. where a miniature Oktoberfest takes place each year.The kids will have plenty to do with free ice skating, kinderspas (kid’s fun stage) and kinderspasgarten (kid’s fun garden), where there will be Old World Bavarian games and arts and crafts.While the little ones are having a blast parents and other adults can get blasted in the true Oktoberfest tradition. Kegs of beer will be on tap around the village while each restaurant serves up its best German-inspired brats and wiener schnitzel.Call 845-9090 for information. q — E.V.

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