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Old dynamite found in Red Cliff

Vail Daily/Eagle County Sheriff's OfficeSomething as small as an old blasting cap the size of a pencil could cause the loss of several fingers, the Sheriff's Office says.

RED CLIFF – Workers from Xcel Energy found 20 sticks of dynamite last week while working on electrical poles in Red Cliff.

The dynamite is from 1947, and is believed to be related to mining in the area, said Shannon Cordingly, spokeswoman for the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

The Grand Junction Bomb Squad was called in to remove the explosives, which were found on a hillside above Eagle Street.

“They weren’t fully intact,” Cordingly said. “The middle part looks like flimsy bacon strips but they still had to worry about the end caps, which could be set off and explode.”

Red Cliff native and current mayor Ramon Montoya said the mines were already closed when he was growing up in the ’60s. There used to be some open mines with explosives stored inside, but those have long since been closed, he said.

Cordingly said investigators believe the dynamite may have tumbled down the hill from a mine above. The explosives were partially buried when workers found them, she said.

The Sheriff’s Office reminded people to avoid any contact with suspicious items, remember the location of such items, and relay the information to authorities.

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