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Old-time hair cuts, fresh eggs

Ellen K. Champion
Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyBarber's Den owner Claire Fox, right and fellow barber Kerri Chapel offer quick efficient cuts in a comfortable relaxed setting at their Edwards barber's shop.

EDWARDS – Upon entering the Barber’s Den you might observe that, except for the television set and track lighting, this little nook in Edwards Plaza could have existed in the Old West and catered to miners and cowboys. The decor – including unfinished timber walls and antique barber chairs circa 1920 – is entirely masculine. Contrasting this setting are the pleasant and attractive “barbers” ready and waiting for clients to walk-in. You will be ushered into the establishment by either Claire Fox, the owner, or her nifty blonde associate, Kerri Chappel. You may also get a cup of healthy Malaysian coffee tinged with ganoderma mushroom, which is supposed to increase oxygen to the blood, reduce fatigue, increase vitality, rejuvenate the circulatory system, strengthen the immune system, detoxify the body and improve mental clarity. You might also find Claire’s dogs there to greet you, and there’s no need to leave your own tied up outside.Fox says you’ll be seated in 15 minutes or less to have your mop cropped, but make sure your hair is washed and primed to be snipped because the theme is “no frills” – metrosexuals, i.e., high maintenance males, need not apply.

There will be no eyelash dyeing, highlighting or waxing on the premises, although quick mustache or beard trims are available. In addition, considering the attention span and degree of patience young children have for grooming, this atmosphere is perfect for little buckaroos.And in the event you have to linger a moment between customers, there are many items of interest to keep you occupied. Fox displays and sells the framed Vail Valley photography of Jennifer Rains Jones and young Joshua Ruark, son of the acclaimed local dog whisperer Mark Ruark. She also has an exquisitely detailed barber shop miniature made for her by a friend, and two curious African blood parrots in an aquarium. Animal lover that she is, Fox also promotes the comical “Naked Vet Calendar,” which benefits animal rescue efforts. Old time tin advertisements hang on the walls and there is a handwritten sign announcing the sale of free-range eggs for $3.75 a dozen, which is not just for show. Claire’s chickens are fed fresh produce and are definitely worth a try.

Recreational ranchBorn and raised in the countryside town of Leicester, England, an adventurous young Fox came to America resolved to tour all 50 states with a girlfriend. Gallivanting about in a Volkswagen bus for two years, the girls nearly accomplished their goal, overlooking only the state of Minnesota. Its no wonder a woman with this sort of energy and spunk settled in Eagle County. She even lured Pat Fox to the mountains from Leicester, though they were married in California’s Napa Valley. The couple are savvy entrepreneurs enjoying the fruits of capitalism and stitching their square to the extraordinary and divergent quilt of America. Pat owns and operates Pat Fox Construction and they jointly own and manage the nine acres they fondly call “Gardeners Gulch Ranch,” which is adjacent to Rancho Del Rio and is a half-mile from the Colorado River. It’s also a hop, skip and a jump away from State Bridge, so one could enjoy some entertainment after a horseback ride or private fishing on the ranch in the summertime.

Pat and Claire say they’re glad to take folks riding and they also board large breed dogs with good social skills and amiable temperaments. Doubtless, their Labrador retriever and border collie will be just as receptive to company as their parents. Wintertime activities at the ranch include ATV and snowmobile rentals. Cabins can be rented year-round.Also, worth noting is Fox’s involvement in McCoy, where she volunteers with the local fire-rescue department.You can contact Claire and Pat Fox at 653-0558 at the ranch and find the Barber’s Den at Edwards Plaza around the corner from Fiesta’s and right next to Active Communications. The barber shop number is 926-8091. Vail, Colorado

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