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On the Hill: 9 inches of new snow at Vail

Vail official report: 9 inches new snow overnight

Liftline status:-Eagle Bahn-is jam packed, nothing at Chair 8

Weather: Cold today, but sunny. Protect your face.

Breakdown: Pandemonium! When the first powder day of the year falls on-a Sunday, look out. Everyone wants to get a piece of it, and getting-to the-lift-15 minutes before it starts uploading is not good enough. By 8:30 a.m. this morning the Eagle Bahn and Chair 8 mazes were nearly full,-with the fight for first chair left to the 7 a.m. set. Everyone was hoping for the first turns on-a nice steep face, but they didn’t find it on Columbine and Born Free as the new snow was groomed down on those runs to preserve the base.-The large lines at-the Eagle Bahn-and Chair 8 quickly transferred to Chair 2 as Chair 8 mellowed out to no line whatsoever.

Chairs 3 and 4-were turning but they were-not uploading anyone as of 9:20 a.m. The large crowds were expecting more terrain, but with very little to offer in terms of-new openings the hill is seeing the largest crowds of the season. Be careful out there.

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Snowcast: More snow on the radar for today, tomorrow and Tuesday.

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