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On the Hill: An inch with more falling at Vail

John LaConte
Vail, CO Colorado

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Vail official report: 1″ new snow

Vail Daily field report: 1″ new snow

Weather: Mostly cloudy, some flurries starting to drop. Temps today are definitely colder than they’ve been in the last week.

Liftline status: Not bad anywhereRun of the day: Northstar is running nicely

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Breakdown: With an ever-so-slight layer of new dust on the slopes today, the groomers are really fun and running nicely, especially at the top of the mountain where temps are much colder than they’ve been in recent days. With the clouds looming overhead, visibility is reduced so be careful.

Snowcast: It looks like there’s some on the way now, with more in the forecast for the next few days.

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