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On the Hill: Deep powder at Vail

John LaConte
Vail, CO Colorado

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Vail official report: 3″ new snow

Vail Daily field report: A foot in places

Weather: Snowing, blizzard like conditions at times

Liftline status: Not bad anywhere, especially for a powder day

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Run of the day: WFO Trees was virtually untracked at 11 a.m.

Breakdown: April powder day! The powder is deep on the mountain, and since this latest dump is coming late in the season, the crowds aren’t bad at all. So it’s staying, we’ll say, “less tracked” than usual. Visibility is low, however, with blizzard and white-out conditions at times. If you’re getting out to enjoy it (and you should be, if you can), you’ll be wise to dress like it’s January.

Snowcast: Forecasters are saying it could continue through tomorrow.

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