On the Hill: Frigid cold, but lots of soft snow at Vail | VailDaily.com

On the Hill: Frigid cold, but lots of soft snow at Vail

Vail official report: 2 inches new snow in last 24 hours, none overnight.

Vail Daily field report: No new snow since yesterday’s close.

Weather: Frigid cold! But without a cloud in the sky, there’s plenty of sunshine which should help things warm up. Bring a facemask and wear sunscreen.

Liftline status: Nothing at Eagle Bahn and Chair 8 in Lionshead

Run of the day: With a nice groom,-Bwana looks delicious on its second day of being open this season

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Breakdown: With all the new snow we’ve been receiving, you may have forgotten how-to ski hardpack—fortunately Vail is right back at it today with an impeccable groom-on much-of the mountain. But there’s still plenty of soft snow to find in the trees and along the sides of some of the newly opened runs, like the far west side of the mountain in Lionshead. Both the crowd numbers and the temperatures are lower this morning than yesterday.

Snowcast: Nothing through the weekend but perhaps Monday, says NOAA.

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