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On the Hill: Saturday’s Vail ski report with video

Vail official report: 0″ new snow, 2 percent terrain open, 5 lifts and 6 trails open.

Line at Chair 8: No wait before 9 a.m.

Weather: It’s crisp and cold this morning, but with no clouds or wind, it’s sure to warm up as the day goes on.

Breakdown: The early snowbirds have caught on to the 8 a.m. start for this holiday weekend — by 7:55 today a large crowd of 50 or more had gathered at the base of Chair 8 waiting to board the lift. Once they were uploaded, though, the line dropped off to no wait whatsoever by 8:05. If you haven’t caught on yet but plan on skiing tomorrow, take advantage of the earlier start while you can. By 10:30 it’s really starting to get busy out there; Sunday will be the last day of 8 a.m. operations for now. And that’s not the only reason to get out early. If you could quantify the quality of conditions, that number would be inversely proportional to the number of people on the slope (meaning the more people who show up, the more icey and difficult to ski Born Free becomes.) Vail’s morning groom is second to none, but as it gets skied and those corduroy grooves smoothen out it definitely becomes harder to hold an edge. Keep those edges sharp and you’ll be fine.

Snowcast: The National Weather Service is calling for a slight chance of snow (20 percent) tomorrow night. Let’s hope we get 20 percent of four feet.

[iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/RuLGXTcEQTQ” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen/]

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