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On the Hill: Snowing on Vail Mountain

John LaContenewsroom@vaildaily.comVail, CO Colorado

Brought to you by and the .Vail official report: 0″ new snowVail Daily field report: 1″ new snow Weather: Cold and snowing slightly Liftline status: Pleasently uncrowded Run of the day: Riva GladeBreakdown: Vail didn’t report and new snow this morning, but it was definitely snowing yesterday. If that took forecasters by surprise, then today’s flakes will really throw them for a loop. It was snowing once again this morning on Vail Mountain, contrary to several forecasts and reports, which said today should be dry. All and all, it’s amounting for great conditions and no crowds on Vail Mountain. Be careful on the open runs, though, as visibility is poor.Snowcast: Like yesterday, we’re not expecting anything for tomorrow.

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