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Once ignored, Rockies are baseball’s new darlings

Patrick Saunders
The Denver Post

Generally, I don’t get too excited when national media types start paying attention to the Rockies.

I know from experience that many national reporters know precious little when it comes to the lone team from the mountain time zone. I recall countless times when some East Coast scribe or national TV type showed up in the Rockies clubhouse and asked the most embarrassing, obvious questions. It was clear they hadn’t done their homework.

When that comet named “Rocktober” streaked across baseball’s sky in 2007, media members from around the country were all atwitter about this secret, newfangled thing called the humidor. The Rockies PR staff even led a tour into the tunnels of Coors Field. Never mind the humidor had been changing baseball at the much-maligned ballpark since 2002.

So, like I said, I don’t pay too much attention when the national spotlight shines on the Rockies.

But I make an exception when it’s ESPN baseball writer Buster Olney. The guy lives, breathes, talks and writes baseball. He’s connected and he knows his stuff. He talks to Rockies general manager Dan O’Dowd on a regular basis.

In his latest blog, Olney not only picks the Rockies to win the NL West, he picks them to beat the Yankees and win the World Series.

Of course, Olney’s prediction is probably the kiss of death.

Still, Olney’s pick, and picks by many others, make it clear the Rockies have emerged from the shadows to become a chic choice.

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