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‘One Love’ times 500

Cassie Pence
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Local radio deejay the Weezle traveled to Jamaica in 1996 and met reggae singer Everton Blender. Upon introduction, the reggae star shook Weez’s hand and said, “Oh yes, the Weezle. I’ve heard of you, Mon.”The Weezle, aka Scott Peterson, was ecstatic. Weez couldn’t believe a big-time reggae celebrity like Blender knew about a small-town radio deejay like himself. But his radio show, “One Love Music,” is spreading the reggae message so successfully that the genre creators themselves are feeling the exposure-love. Weez aired his 500th “One Love Music” show Wednesday on KZYR, The Zephyr, 97.7 FM, and listeners can tune in again Sunday at 10 p.m. for an encore broadcast. The program is also heard in Aspen, Glenwood, Steamboat and Jackson Hole, Wy. and on the Internet at http://www.live365.com. Weez celebrates the milestone tonight and Friday at Art’s Bar in Vail Village. Special guest reggae deejays Red Locks, Instigatah and Trevi B, along with local DJ Jahstone, will add even more irieness to the party.”I love the positive energy that comes from reggae. And I love all the people I meet through reggae,” Weez said. “The people that make the music is what really inspires me. Bob Marley sucked me in.”Weezle recalls first discovering reggae in the 1980s. He began listening to some key albums that were released in the ’70s, like Marley’s “Rastaman Vibration” and “Catch a Fire.” He was instantly hooked.”It’s about forwarding the reggae vibe, spreading the message,” Weez said.

When the deejay created “One Love Music” almost 10 years ago, he had no idea it would blossom into a program he could syndicate. Although in the back of his mind, syndication was always the goal. “One Love Music” has evolved with the reggae genre, from its first shows of playing strictly roots to featuring, in addition to the greats, dancehall and even some hip-hop inspired reggae.”It’s wild how reggae is melding with all different styles,” Weez said. “I didn’t appreciate dancehall until I saw it happening right before my eyes in Jamaica.”In 2002, Weez moved from the valley to Chicago, chasing the love who is now his wife. He figured the move would kill “One Love Music” forever, but Aspen and Steamboat wanted him to keep it rolling. So he began pre-producing the show in a “walk-in-closet studio” in the Windy City. Then the Zephyr wanted it, and suddenly Weez and “One Love Music” had syndication. But it wasn’t always so easy to spread the vibe.When Weez first moved to Vail fresh out of broadcasting school in Minneapolis, he took any radio job that would air his voice. He worked as the overnight deejay with K-Lite, an adult contemporary station. It was here that Weez hosted his first reggae show, “Positive Vibrations.””It was so far off from the normal format that it only lasted six months,” Weez said.Next Weez jumped to what is now KTUN, the Eagle, 101.5 and 95.3 FM, where the station’s higher-ups had a more relaxed attitude on radio programming. “They told me if it makes them money, they’ll air it. I was like sweet, I have my window for my reggae show,” the Weez said.

So he went out and found his first sponsor, The Dancing Bear in West Vail. The Westside Cafe occupies the space now. Pazzo’s jumped on sponsorship next.Weez worked to build the program’s credibility by making solid contacts with the reggae industry’s key players, like record companies Heart Beat and Tuff Gong. Rasta Steveh, who started his own reggae show in Durango, and Papa Pilgrim, who founded Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide (RAW), also helped to take “One Love Music” to the next level. Weez is member No. 254 of RAW, an organization committed to spreading positive vibes through reggae music. “A rep from Tuff Gong named me one of the top 5 people in the country that was really helping spread reggae music,” said the Weez.DJ Jahstone, who spins reggae around the valley and hosts his own radio show in Summit, first read about “One Love Music” in a guide to reggae festivals.”I was just about to move to Vail and was really excited to find out there was a reggae radio show. Weez has taken reggae music and established it here in the valley,” said Jahstone.Weez is currently mailing out tapes of “One Love Music” to stations around the country in an effort to build his syndication market. He feels like the show already has taken a global turn with its spot on http://www.Live365.com.”I’m feeling the international love. People from all over the world listen on Live 365. I have fans in Iceland and 350 people have my station set underneath their favorites,” said the Weez.For the show’s celebration today and Friday, Weez has brought in deejay Red Locks from Chicago. He spins at the Lava Lounge, which hosts Chicago’s longest running reggae night. In addition to music, Friday’s party will feature functional art giveaways from the Get High Gallery, snowboards from the Boardroom and much more.

“People out here are open to the reggae message, it resonates here. Weez is facilitating that,” said DJ Red Locks.And what is that reggae message? One love, of course.Arts and Entertainment Editor Cassie Pence can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 618, or cpence@vaildaily.comVail, Colorado

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