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One-man show

Daily Staff Report

Ron Riddick, a versatile artist whose portfolio is comprised of a variety

of subjects, presents a one-man show at Claggett/Rey Gallery in Vail Village. The exhibit will be on the walls of the gallery through July 10, and the artist will be on hand periodically throughout the weekend.

Riddick doesn’t rest easy in any one genre. His subject matter ranges from cowboy and Indian scenes to European landscapes and still lifes.

He said he is careful about what he exhibits. Unlike many artists who are in a hurry to move on to the next canvas, Riddick has achieved a reputation for working on a particular canvas until it’s highly polished.

He said he asks himself while painting, “What makes a painting a masterpiece?”

“I began to look at the history of art,” he said, “to study why the masters succeeded, and to try to fathom their response to the world around them.” Riddick has dedicated himself to the visual disciplines of design and correct proportions, and is an expert at capturing sunlight. In addition, his loose brush strokes and use of color are as interesting as the subject matter itself. Whether he paints a group of cowhands or a herd of

horses, he differentiates each one and gives them distinct personalities.

This will be his first one-man show in 10 years. The major works for the show are oil paintings, oil paintings, large pastel and graphite

drawings. In addition to being at the gallery, he’ll also be creating plein aire paintings in the area around Vail. For more information, call the gallery at 476-9350 or vist the exhibition online at

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