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One of a kind

David Childs

Of course, there were the times at Donovan’s, at least a million or so, which are epic, infamous and beyond description which will live on with Arvin a part of them! The passing of Arvin should make us all think of what a wonderful time it was when we all shared a certain innocence, closeness, and love with one another that can never be replaced. Arvin is a one of a kind that can never be replaced. You only truly miss someone when they are gone forever. My spirit and love will surely be there on July 6!

David Childs

From China

Ban liberal views

In the Friday, June 14, issue of the Vail Daily (page B9), there is a quote from Buck Parker, executive director of Earth Justice, who compared revisions of EPA standards on air pollution to “a dirty bomb and it’s going to cost thousands of American lives.”

This is politically motivated scare-mongering and how do writers and editors let outright emotion and lies replace facts and discussions? News reports should not promote an agenda but rather should educate readers. Our country’s energy supply is not grist for hyperbole. Where do today’s young people think we get our energy? Are they still like children who think money grows on trees? Political spin is marketing to them like cartoon commercials that promise “new and improved.”

How much fossil fuel does the Vail Daily use every day sending delivery drivers all over the valley and ad sales people knocking on doors? Alternative fuels? The Clinton/Gore administration was The Era of the SUV, but we could not build more refining capacity because of short-sighted, agenda-driven environmental policies. But when the lights go out in California, blame the electric companies. If government and socialism were really so great, they’d have given us hydrogen or solar energy sources by now. But they are too much like the media – politics and rhetoric over substance and hard work.

By the way, you ran yet another anti-Bush editorial cartoon recently, showing the president suppressing criticism! How ironic! Most people realize that only the Democrats and their national ad agency (the media) think Bush deserves more criticism. Again, here we have more rhetoric over substance – and with elections this fall, I’d say more than a touch of liberal desperation.

Leanna Roberts


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